Link Download Lagu FENHAREL MP3

  1. Fen'Harel
    29 Sep, 2017 - [7.83 MB] Made this for a competition... (Durasi : 03:25 Min)
  2. March Of Fen'Harel
    11 Jan, 2016 - [500.94 KB] This is a very short little song inspired by BioWare's game Dragon Age Trespasser. I've composed the music and then used the (very limited) Elven dictionary based on words and phrases used in their... (Durasi : 00:32 Min)
  3. Fen'harel the dread wolf
    18 Nov, 2014 - [3.16 MB] dragon age codex on fen'harel the trickster and betrayer. (Durasi : 01:41 Min)
  4. 11 - Fen'Harel
    04 Sep, 2020 - [4.45 MB] This album is the soundtrack of the D&D Campaign we are playing. This campaign is based on the world of Navriel (this is a homebrew setting) The 5 first tracks are dedicated to the characters. Cet... (Durasi : 01:54 Min)
  5. Fen'Harel: The Dread Wolf
    27 Feb, 2016 - [1.77 MB] There is precious little we know about Fen'Harel, for they say he did not care for our people. Elgar'nan and Mythal created the world as we know it, Andruil taught us the Ways of the Hunter, Sylais... (Durasi : 01:55 Min)
  6. Fen'Harel Theme
    23 Jan, 2017 - [4.34 MB] Gudang lagu Fen'Harel Theme MP3 Gratis Terbaru, Link Download Musik Soundtrack dari Youtube dan Soundcloud mp3 mudah & cepat (Durasi : 03:33 Min)
  7. Dread Wolf Ballad
    24 Oct, 2015 - [14.94 MB] a tribute to my favorite egg (Durasi : 01:28 Min)
  8. Once We Were
    02 Jul, 2016 - [3.32 MB] The perfect song to describe the events before DA:I and how times have changed since the breach [side eyes fen'harel]. Go play Dragon Age: Inquisition if you haven't already! I promise you'll get o... (Durasi : 02:16 Min)
  9. Hallelujah | The Solas Verses | Dragon Age: Inquisition
    10 Nov, 2020 - [4.74 MB] Just a cover of Cohen's Hallelujah using Solas' dialogue from Dragon Age: Inquisition! I’ve journeyed deep into the Fade In ancient ruins and battlefields To see the dreams of lost civilizations... (Durasi : 04:07 Min)
  10. In The Shadow Of The Chantry Sun
    26 Feb, 2016 - [4.18 MB] A song for Inquisitor Lavellan, still bitter after years from the betrayal of the one she thought she could trust most. When she meets him once again, as everything is falling apart, how will every... (Durasi : 04:34 Min)

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