1. ChicoBad_End up on my shit-list'
    01 Jan, 1970 - [276.99 KB] For allt hem haters ass madafuckers out there talking thats shit ON MY MUSIC ....END UP ON MY SHIT LIST...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...LEVAS...... (Durasi : 04:43 Min)
  2. Will My Name End Up on Some DEA List?
    01 Jan, 1970 - [645.67 KB] Gudang lagu Will My Name End Up on Some DEA List? MP3 Gratis Terbaru, Link Download Musik dari Youtube dan Soundcloud mp3 mudah & cepat (Durasi : 11:01 Min)
  3. END-indigolab-set you up-rmx h.r.schmitz
    01 Jan, 1970 - [259.67 KB] big thanks to for the remix on his name to follow him :-)... (Durasi : 04:25 Min)
  4. Master Sword
    01 Jan, 1970 - [153.25 KB] Follow my IG: @RaspyBoi prod. katabeats Lyrics: Genie grant a wish im getting rich member when i said i hit a lick I don’t really wanna fuck the bitch Willy went and made another hit Okay like P... (Durasi : 02:36 Min)
  5. Bounce Back
    01 Jan, 1970 - [170.47 KB] Lyrics by Ra'Shaun Additional vocals by Chris LaBella Hook I been on my shit whole time they been watchin’ And prayin on my down fall bounce back x 10 Whole Time life been so good on my end ... (Durasi : 02:54 Min)
  6. Say It
    01 Jan, 1970 - [229.56 KB] All songs written by Nikki Flores Published by BMG SEVENTEEN 88 / Wonderland Entertainment Sign up for my mailing list at for an exclusive digital lyric booklet. @MsNikkiFlores... (Durasi : 03:55 Min)
  7. Selena Gomez - Good For You (TeraBrite Pop Punk Cover)
    01 Jan, 1970 - [153.81 KB] Watch TeraBrite's music video for their cover of Good For You by Selena Gomez on YouTube here: A TeraBrite Pop Punk Cover of "GOOD FOR YOU" by Selena Gomez ft. A$AP Rocky! Cli... (Durasi : 02:37 Min)
  8. Sold!Chris Brown/Justin Bieber/Luda type Beat (All Over Your Body) R&B/Hip Hop
    01 Jan, 1970 - [261.15 KB] Purchase other beats @ Produced by Tony Sway for Rnbsmoove Productions /BMI send all serious inquiries to ([email protected]) extra tags- Justin Bieber type R&B Beat 2014... (Durasi : 04:27 Min)
  9. Insurrection featuring Enrico Mariuzzo - Payback's A Bitch!
    01 Jan, 1970 - [127.32 KB] New version featuring Billy Boldt on vocals and Enrico Mariuzzo of Drastic Down on lead guitar. Hey you! You looking for me? Well here I am... Your too blind to see, your no match for me I'll fuc... (Durasi : 02:10 Min)
  10. Shallow Ft. Delto & Joss Lockwood
    01 Jan, 1970 - [192.19 KB] Stream/Buy produced by @user-597676997 & Silo ft. @delto & @josslockwood vocals, mix, & master by me Lyrics: (Belak) Im so shallow I dont have a backbone Im made up of pla... (Durasi : 03:16 Min)

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